An agency for artists to be unbound. 

        An agency for artists to be unbound . . .


An unbound artist is untethered by convention, and grounded by gratitude. An unbound artist is talented, creative, and entrepreneurial. An unbound artist is authentic to their core, engaged with their practice, and connected

with their fans  and champions. 

About Us

Unbound Artists was launched to provide a unique space for thriving artists. Our enterprise is focused on organizational efficacy, creative placemaking, and solutions-based advocacy. 

We specialize in attractions and performance projects that are global, contemporary, and hybrid. Dedicated to serving the needs of artists, presenters, and audiences, Unbound Artists offers an array of services: producing, artist representation, management, talent buying, and consulting. 

Greg Kastelman

Founder & President

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Email:      greg @ unbound-artists .com

Phone:    (415) 501-0446