A New Project by Michael League


The word "bokanté" means “exchange” in Creole (Guadeloupe), the language of lead vocalist Malika Tirolien. The new band’s formation was born in the desire to connect and exchange the links connecting the world's most urgent problems and struggles. Rich in the sound of both deltas and deserts, the unusual but evocative instrumentation blends musical worlds to convey an urgent message of social awareness. Malika stands among 8 musicians from 4 continents, each one accomplished in their own right and well versed in music far beyond that of their point of origin. Three-time Grammy award-winning guitarists Michael League, Chris McQueen, and Bob Lanzetti (all from Snarky Puppy), percussion legend Jamey Haddad (Paul Simon, Sting), pedal and lap steel virtuoso Roosevelt Collier (Lee Boys, Karl Denson), and unplaceable percussionists André Ferrari (Väsen) and Keita Ogawa (Banda Magda, Yo-Yo Ma) come together to create a diverse ensemble rich in groove, melody, and soul.

"another act that completely knocked us out and had the crowd at Club Soda grooving nonstop" --  AfroPop



Nou Tout Sé Yont  

Live at Fano Jazz by the Sea - Italy July 2017



Live Performance

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