Germán López

timple player, composer


The timple is, without a doubt, the most significant instrument of the Spanish Canary Island folk music. More than fifteen years ago, a group of musicians began to experiment alternative sounds with it -- much like contemporary ukulele players have progressed the instrument forward from traditional Hawaiian folk music. Today, Germán López shines on the world stage as one of the most brilliant and prolific young timple players. He has performed nearly three dozen times in four separate tours in North America. Recent exemplars include the Savannah Music Festival and the Ellnora Guitar Festival in 2017. Germán's original music combines Spanish flamenco, West African rhythmic structures, and Canary folk melodies to create a 21st century approach to "island music."

"delicately rippling notes ... entrancing" --  Huffington Post 



Canela y Limón

with Antonio Toledo (duo project)



Showcase 2014