Penny Arcade

Performance Artist & Author 


While considered by many to be the the "Queen of Underground Performance", Penny Arcade has had a mainstream presence on almost every continent. One of her most seminal works, Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!, toured the world hundred of times since 1993 -- recently remounted in 2018 at Performance Space New York (PS 122). In her most recent touring work (Longing Lasts Longer), the former Andy Warhol superstar has created a contemporary stand-up performance turned on its head, taking a crack at our understanding of the post-gentrified landscape. Longing Lasts Longer is marked by Penny's magnetic rock nā€™ roll energy, razor sharp satire, and mixed live with a soundtrack inspired by four decades of pop culture.  Longing Lasts Longer made its US debut in a 2-week run at the St. Anne's Warehouse in Brooklyn. Penny Arcade (alongside long time collaborator Steve Zehentner) is currently developing  two new pieces, which will tour world-wide in 2019 and beyond.

""ā€¦ infectious energy. She expresses herself vigorously onstage and off, and seems in equal measure frustrated with and fascinated by the world.ā€ ā€“ The New York Times



Sample Talkback

@ Wheeler Centre


Extended Trailer

Longing Lasts Longer